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Australia through the eyes of Italians

“This is one of thousands such amazing stories of resilience, hope, vision and above all strength. Viva l’italiani who made the brave voyage to a distant land far from their loved ones to create a new home.
These stories should not be forgotten, but remembered and respected.”

A journey that begun a long time ago and is still ongoing. Inspired by travel journal La lunga strada di sabbia by Italian author Pier Paolo Pasolini (1959), we set off on a road trip across Australia on a quest for Italian stories. The idea is simple: to explore and recount Italian emigration to Australia through personal stories – in a new, social and engaging way.

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Italian Dreamtime. Some numbers.

A 3-month journey in Australia, from left to right, from top to bottom, from the vibrant cities to the vastness of the outback. We’ll fill our hard-drives with photos, footage and notes which we will then use to make this…


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